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After years of completing farm environment plans I want to make the process easier and cheaper for farmers.

I know farmers don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day, but they need to keep a huge amount of complex data for compliance, which is asked for by different people in slightly different ways over and over again. It’s manual and it’s expensive and frankly it’s a bit painful. Yeah, there is software out there now that collects data but those systems don’t do anything with it, and much of what is available is expensive and hard to use with sausage fingers when you’re out on the farm. So I’m building software to use the farmer’s mobile phone to do the work computers should be doing.

Mobile phones can collect a lot of the information we need for compliance purposes, and we can automate much of the freshwater, greenhouse gas and health and safety planning process. We can generate reports from your data to make it super easy to deal with farm assurance audits, the bank and other people who want your information. As  a qualified environmental planner and greenhouse gas advisor with a background in Business Intelligence I’m the right person to do this right now. I am experienced in farming, data and farm planning – this is the intersection of all my geekdoms. I want to support farmers to bring control of their compliance back within their fencelines

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Designed by qualified experts- Use our experience preparing hundreds of farm environmental plans to make preparing yours easier.

Help with your environmental plan

You can save yourself time and money by using our kit to prepare some of your plan yourself. It’s not rocket science- Our easy to use kit will show you how you can get started today with the tools you already have. This kit gives you everything you need to get started on your farm environment plan.

Overseer™ Nutrient Budgets

A great way to really understand your farm nutrient loss is with an Overseer™ nutrient budget. In some regions these must be produced by a qualified person and we can help with that! Understand your nitrogen loss and greenhouse gas emission profile with a nutrient budget produced by qualified experts. Enquire for your price today

Greenhouse Gas Profiles & Carbon Plans

Get a breakdown of the three main greenhouse gasses on your farm with helpful advice on how you can manage them. With the Zero Carbon Act reduction targets coming, forewarned is forearmed! The greenhouse gas emissions profile is produced as part of your Overseer™ nutrient budget.

Farm Plan Kits & full service plans available.
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No farming business is the same, we provide flexible solutions to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on making things easy to understand, whether that is at gumboot level at your farm or working with farmer catchment groups or workshops.

Full Service Farm Plans

From meeting you at your farm to digging through years of your farm data, we provide a full service to complete your farm plan for you. We aim to help you understand the compliance environment that your farm operates in and offer solutions to reduce that compliance burden on you.

Group Workshops

If you have a catchment community or a group of farmers who would like to work together to develop their farm environmental plans or farm greenhouse gas emissions profiles, just give us call. We facilitate workshops around the country and can tailor something to suit you. We can provide the farm plan guidebook and workbook, as well as the maps you'll need, then step you through how to use them in the group. Enquire for prices today!

Catchment group support

f you’d like help starting or running a catchment group, please get in touch. We can provide administrative support, templates for farm environmental plans, discounted Overseer nutrient budgets for group members, maps and qualified facilitators who can help to complete and sign off the plans the group develops. Enquire today for pricing!

DIY Plan “Ground Truthing”

Ask us about how we can sign off your DIY Plan to meet Council Requirements


Whether you are looking for a farm environmental plan to meet your Regional Council or meat company requirements, or a resource consent under the new winter cropping or intensification rules, we can help.

You can choose from our full farm plan service, where we collect all the information needed for your nutrient budget, environmental plan and consent and prepare them for you, or a more DIY option using one of our kits, workshops or catchment community support.

Get in touch today and let us tailor a cost effective plan to suit your needs.

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